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Marie – A Pitiful Lovestory

November 24, 2016 · Projects
'Marie - A Pitiful Love Story' is the first short movie from Thorsten Schlicht for Leviathan. It's about Marie's conflict about religious, emotional and physical love and the peculiarity of familiar affection.


Besides his studies at the university of Mainz, Thorsten is rapping under his pseudonym PLAIN.




'Marie - A Pitiful Love Story' tells the story of the 18-year-old Marie, who maintains her relationship to her father by caring for him in every cruel situation. As she discovers her love for another boy, she finds herself standing between a deplorable secret and the truth.


Thorsten Schlicht

Idee und Regie

Thorsten Schlicht

Regie Assistenz

Christian Kuhn


Laurenz Lin Sill


Christian Kuhn


Thorsten Schlicht


Marie: Helena Klingler

Vater: Finn Hanssen

Alex: Baran Birsin



Andreas Schlicht

Anika Schilling

Olga Morskov

Christian Kuhn

Thorsten Schlicht


Komposition: Tina Pourdadasch-Miri

Cello: Alexander Römelt

Piano: Kayla Adamoyurka


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