Kritik- A Story of Passion and Theatre

October 20, 2016 · Projects
“Kritik- A Story of Passion and Theatre” is the first film by Anika, our soon to be specialist for theatre and German studies.


As the title suggests, the film deals with the topic of cultural criticism and its perception.

There are a lot of clichés about critics that are worked into the film. For example, the main character is a theatre critic. She becomes the victim of clichés and prejudice but still manages to rise professionally and takes revenge.

The film is about theatre, theatre criticism and criticism on theatre criticism and also that not all clichés are unfounded.


Origin of “Kritik- A Story of Passion and Theatre”

The short film was shot in Rheinhessen and in Rheingau, to be more specific in the small towns Ockenheim and Oestrich-Winkel and in the regional capital Mainz. We were able to shoot in an entire bar in Oestrich (cheers to the barkeeper!) and in the M8 in Mainz.

Fun Fact: The typewriter in the short film inspired the crew to imitate. After the little Olympia that had been in the author's possession for a good amount of time had been used on set, Ruth – responsible for sound and other things – purchased a typewriter as well. However, it is an electronic model. Only for writing scripts of course 😉



Who do you think you are, judging those people? What gives you the right? Why should anyone want to print your personal opinion?

He – Scene from Kritik
Don't you realize? Retirement. Those people are old. And you are not. You are lacking almost all of the qualifications this job requires.

He – Scene from Kritik

Idea, script and directed by

Anika Schilling


Anika Schilling, Andreas Schlicht

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Michelle Rochon: Josephine Ludwig

Cashier: Antje Melcher

Audience member 1: Angela Römelt

Audience member 2: Christian Humberg

Audience member 3: Helena Klingler 

Audience member 4: Dominik Bornmann

Audience member 5: Christina Wagner

Theatre employee: Philip Barth

Other theatre guests I: Philipp Neuweiler, Magnus Neuwirth, Ruth Hainson, Leonie Schneiderhöhn, Petra Barth, Florian Hofferer, Claudia Preißer, Gabriel Sinke

He: Andreas Schlicht

Theatre regular: Ingrid Petri

Theatre irregular: Vera Schilling

Other theatre guests II: Anna Charlotte Che, Michael Hedderich, Ursula Hedderich, Olga Morskov, Natalie Morskov, Andreas Jäkel, Nazifeh Ilhan 

Actors: Anna Felka, Eva Felka, Anton Wolf, Thorsten Schlicht

Theatre director: Leon Pietsch

Barkeeper: Oliver Schilling

Bar visitors: Wolfram Müller-Petri, Ingrid Petri, Peter Paul Petri, Barbara Petri, Matthias Schleuder, Carola Schleuder, Thorsten Schlicht, Olga Morskov, Michael Hedderich


Camera: Laurenz Lin Sill

Camera assistant: Jacob Gauck

Sound: Ruth Hainson, Christian Kuhn

Animation: Laurenz Lin Sill

Editing: Laurenz Lin Sill, Anika Schilling

Music – Sounddesign – Soundmixing: Dennis Van Gasch

Costume: Anika Schilling, Josephine Ludwig, Andreas Schlicht

Make-Up: Josephine Ludwig

Set: Anika Schilling, Jacob Gauck, Josephine Ludwig, Andreas Schlicht

Casting: Anika Schilling, Andreas Schlicht


All songs  written, recorded, produced, mixed & mastered 

by Dennis van Gasch @ Van Gasch Lo-Fi Club 

Wenn Du mich kritisierst (Prelude) 

Schleife in Cis   

Tränen auf dem Parkett 

11 Freunde sollt ihr sein 


Wenn Du mich kritisierst

Special Thanks

Künstlervereinigung Leviathan

Haus der Jugend Mainz 

Kulturzentrum M8-Bühne Mainz 

Junge Bühne Mainz

Philip Barth

Eugenia und Konstantin Hainson


Offener Kanal Mainz


The Idea for the film

I had the idea for the script in Cannes. At this point when I was there with the Leviathan-group I believed that I had a job as a cultural critic for a paper and I was imagining myself as a critic at the festival. Most of the time my conversational partners reacted with a rude lack of interest. Because I want to work as a critic after my degree, these reactions bothered and I came up with the idea for the script.

Anika Schilling

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